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Picture of Ray Vassallo
Solidarity with the French People
by Ray Vassallo - Saturday, 14 November 2015, 07:01 PM
Picture of Martin Debattista
Welcome to the new Academic Year 2015/2016
by Martin Debattista - Thursday, 24 September 2015, 11:02 AM
Welcome to the new Academic Year 2015/2016

Picture of Ray Vassallo
Screen Tourism Project
by Ray Vassallo - Wednesday, 19 November 2014, 10:05 AM



Screen tourism relates to the influence of films, TV programmes and commercials in affecting tourists’ decisions to visit a destination. The on-screen representation of cities and regions has a substantial economic impact on tourism and in strengthening the cultural promotion of regions. EuroScreen works to exchange good practice in this area and in turn to improve policies across European regions.

Screen tourism hit the headlines last week when fans of television hit Game of Thrones flocked to Spanish towns to catch a glimpse of series favourite Daenerys Targaryen. Now, we’ve released ground-breaking research that suggests the full value of the screen tourism phenomenon: it amounts to millions of pounds of free advertising for the filming locations.

And Game of Thrones isn’t the only hit delivering this benefit. The research found that the social media hype surrounding London-shot Notting Hill generated the equivalent of €24.9m in online ad spend for the capital. Elsewhere, the combined value of the Swedish and British versions of Wallander amounts to an incredible £17.5m in promotional value for Ystad in Sweden, where it is set.

The lasting impact of this benefit is evidenced by the research findings for Malta, with Robert Altman’s 1980 film Popeye still racking up the equivalent of €12.2m in online ad spend as a result of the starring role played by the country’s Anchor Bay. Productions with less international reach, meanwhile, still generate considerable amounts. Television series Braccialetti rossi has resulted in the equivalent of €8.8m worth of promotion to domestic audiences for Italian region Apuglia.


For the report ‘Quantifying Location Placement Value’, social media intelligence agency Human Digital analysed almost 35million comments and interactions across sites including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest and found a clear correlation between mentions of place and the high profile films or television shows that filmed there.

The research focussed on four European locations – London, Ystad, Apulia (Italy) and Malta – and a selection of the films and television shows filmed there.
Commenting on the insights, Wootton explains that Human Digital looked “at a range of projects – from indies through to global blockbusters and television series”, but across all of these variables “the results show productions get people talking about the destinations and locations they feature”.

The research concluded that all of the likes, mentions, tweets and retweets amounted to paid-for advertising for these locations, with values ranging from thousands to millions of pounds. “Quite simply, this is free advertising” says Wootton, concluding that it: “emphasises the power of screen productions as a tourism driver.

Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit will be organising a final dissemination event on Friday 28th November at 09:30 am at Europa House, Valletta. During this event, the implications from this study will be presented along with proposals for capitalising further from our bolstering film industry. Individuals wishing to attend should register their interest by sending an e-mail to

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